Mitt julrim om påsken

Blev ombedd att skriva en text om påsken till SOS Church Stockholm. Jag är inte på plats idag men det visas visst en kort film som heter “The weight of the cross”, följt av att Candace Gilkey läser upp min text. Den blev på rim och den blev så här:

So you remember the story of Moses splitting the sea
Rescuing God’s people from bondage and slavery
That day there was no påskmust or painted eggs around
Still, the Easter week is when it all went down.

You see, it’s hard to explain why we do what we do
What we did last year, what we’ll do next year too
It’s hard to explain all the eggs that we paint
It’s hard to explain why we eat ’til we faint

It’s hard to explain all the time and the money
That we spend on candy, handed out by a bunny
While candy is great, it is not the reason why
Two thousand years ago God’s Son chose to die

We say we don’t need God, we’ve got “me, myself and I”
We’ve got food on our table and a big Easter pie
But I wonder if maybe, just maybe, perhaps
This house that we built is about to collapse

Have you ever felt the weight of your mistake?
It hovers above you like an eternal shade
It makes your heart feel heavy, it’s choking your veins
’til guilt – and nothing but guilt – remains

Billions of people have lived on this earth
Billions of people and God knows what we’re worth
We have all carried this weight, this sin, this dross
That’s the weight that was put on his cross

As Egypt could only hold human bodies as slaves
Only bodies were rescued through the Red Sea’s waves
So the bodies were free but deep under our skin
Yokes of slavery choked life from within

But God did what none of us neither would nor could
He killed every yoke, being nailed to that wood
He rescued us all from slavery and guilt
Creating a castle from this wreck we had built

Easter has come, so let us rest from our chores
Let’s have candy ready when the kids knock our doors
Let’s paint those eggs to small pieces of art
And let’s thank Jesus for this fresh, brand new start

Jens Charlieson

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